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The Door & Trim Store specializes in Home Improvement with a capital H. Home improvement can include everything from landscaping, concrete work and fencing to framing, roofing, electrical, mechanical and plumbing. The finish work includes windows and doors, various baseboards, door casings and moldings. It also includes cabinetry and door hardware. We don’t try to have everything for home improvement, but we do try to have the best available in the door and trim phase of construction. 

 Our contractors have experience with all types of doors and windows as well as the other wood moldings, cabinetry and finish hardware items. We know through experience where value lies. We try to have available the best quality finish supplies for the Phoenix market regardless of name brand. Our suppliers know that we are looking for value for our customers and they present us with the best products and pricing because they know that we will offer the best values to our customers. 

 Home Improvement at The Door & Trim Store means more than a quick clean-up and a splash of paint. Customers who buy from us are going to get finish materials that have lasting value. In addition, when you see how easy it is to buy at The Door & Trim Store and how great the prices are, you'll see why friends refer friends here and contractors come to us first.




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